Update the System

Important security update!
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To ensure the security of your connection during an upgrade, you must update the Verisign security certificate in your gateway. If you choose not to perform this update you will not be able to take advantage of new product features, updated firewall rules and applications as they become available.
There are two ways to perform this update depending on the gateway software you are currently running. What gateway software do I have?
Software 3.3.0 or higher:
To update your certificate, you must restart your gateway. While your gateway is restarting, you will not have a connection to the gateway or to the Internet. This process will take 3-4 minutes.
To restart your gateway and upgrade your Verisign security certificate, unplug your gateway, wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. After completing your security certificate update, return to this upgrade page at which time any available software or feature updates will be available for download.
Software 3.1.0:
Before you begin:
  • If you have your gateway password protected, you need to have your password handy. If you forgot your password, please call technical support to temporarily reset your password.
  • If you have a pop-up blocker application installed on your PC, we require you to temporarily turn the application off during the update process.
  • Update Steps:
  • Click on the link http://home/download/manual_download.html.
  • If you have your gateway password protected, you will be prompted for your system password. Enter your password and click on SUBMIT. If no password is set in the gateway you will be automatically directed to the next step.

  • Copy and paste the following URL into the field labeled "URL to download" :


  • Click on the SUBMIT button.
  • You will then see series of pages shown below indicating that the update is in progress. Throughout the update, the three indicator lights on the front of your HomePortal will flash orange in sequence from top to bottom. When the update is complete, the indicator lights will turn solid green.

  • Once the upgrade is complete, click on the DONE button. You will be redirected back to the HomePortal home page.

  • From the 2Wire home page, Click on the "View Available Upgrades and Options" link (bottom right corner) (http://gateway.2wire.net). Now that your certificate has been updated, you will be shown any additional updates which are available.